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The HidroLinfa® concept

With application in the areas of aesthetics, wellness, and sports activities and as a supporting tool in complementary, alternative and/dor integrative therapies, the HidroLinfa® equipment is an asset on the quality of life of its users and a facilitator in the perspective of its professionals.

The HidroLinfa® equipment is an electronic device that aims, through the production of positive and negative ions in the water and a magnetic field, positively influence the lymphatic circulation. This is a non-invasive procedure to obtain aesthetic and wellness results, not as a medical device. Starting from the discipline of electrotherapy, using as basis the theoretical implications of electric fields, the HidroLinfa® equipment was developed. It conquered the aesthetic, wellness and complementary therapies markets, garnering a growing reputation as a result of broad acceptance in the professional field and the overall satisfaction of its beneficiaries.

We aim to provide, to the general public, a tool for improving quality of life, integrated into a holistic approach to the individual. The goal of providing a quality product that enhances the physical and mental aspects of the customer, translates into something more than a machine. It is what we like to dub the "HidroLinfa® natural wellness".

We often summarize the device to a physical and bioenergetic balance equipment. Carry this notion to our mind, body and spirit will bring immense benefits. Whether after a cosmetic procedure, before a reflexology session, after a triathlon, or just before you go to bed, enjoy HidroLinfa® to focus on yourself for 30 minutes. The technological side of the equipment will do its work and, during this, allow yourself to relax and visualize in your mind the release of what you consider to be toxic and reset your balance.

Invest in yourself and in your quality of life.

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An investment in improving your living conditions:

  • Enhance relief in swelling of the legs and heaviness and fatigue, preventing poor circulation;
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a stable blood pressure;
  • Assist in the vascular circulation of the brain, preventing the pressure caused by stress;
  • Facilitate homeostatic balance fighting general weakness states;
  • Help a mental energy intake in the prevention of states of exhaustion;
  • Promote relaxation and sleep in a natural way;
  • Contribute to the toning of the cellular tissue and skin;
  • Enhance the reduction of retained fluids and fat (cellulite);
  • Help balance cholesterol and triglyceride levels, regulation of high levels of glucose and uric acid and kidney function;
  • Facilitate the promotion of a general relaxation contributing to a sense of well-being, relieving tensions at the level of bone and joint.
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